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Hong Ye


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Professional Interests: fixed point, signal processing, communications


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Port the Generated ARM Cortex-M CRL Code from MATLAB to KEIL μVision IDE
MATLAB-to-C workflow example on KEIL μVision IDE

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Port the Generated ARM Cortex-M CRL Code from MATLAB to IAR Embedded Workbench
MATLAB-to-C workflow example on IAR Embedded Workbench®.

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can i run and directly modify a simulink model on a beaglebone black that is connected via wifi?
it is possible to run the model in external mode and tune the parameter (assume it is tunable in your Simulink model) at run-tim...

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Matlab / Simulink on BeagleBone Black
There is a new Embedded Coder Support Package for BeagleBone Black. Here is the link:

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Beaglebone black Matlab Script
please check out the examples in

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Matlab has become nitpicky on data types, can it be turned off?
Jee, can you give more details on the code that does not work with R2012 MATLAB , for example, how A and B are defined in your a...

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Fimath function
Hi, you can achieve this by using fi object Cm = fi(rand(8,8), 1, 16); Xm = fi(rand(8,8), 1, 16); F1 = fimath('Produc...

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Large scale Matrix-vector multiplication fixed-point
Hi Giulio, The behavior you observed is due to the fimath setting you picked for A and x. Here is an explanation for the multipl...

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fixed point toolbox1
you can use bitsliceget function to achieve this (please note that the output data type changed). For example t1fi = 1b8...

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