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Retinal Vessel Tortuosity Analysis
This script is for calculating multiple retinal vessel tortuosity measure such as Vessel Torttousity Index (VTI)

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simple for loop problem
The following will do the job for you. x = 1:10; x_new = zeros(1,numel(x)); for i=1:numel(x) x_new(i) = x(i)+1; end ...

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Tortuosity of blood vessels
Check this out

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Vessel Tortuosity Index (VTI)
This is a tool for reliable computation of vessel tortuosity in 2D and theoretical work for assessment of curvature of curviline...

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New to Matlab. Reading excel file problem?
The following script will do what you need. Remove semicolon to get the output. provide the name of your excel file to xlsread f...

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