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(Simulink) How can I communicate with hardware (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, I2C, etc.) in real time?
Hello,sir! I also met the simialr problem. I have used the python to code a UDP server in python to receive the real-time simula...

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How to parse the UDP datas in python and send them back to simulink scope in real time?
Dear sir, I code a UDP server in python to receive the datas in real time simulation,how to parse the UDP datas in python...

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How to configure Java to transfer data between code and matlab over UDP network
Hello,sir! Have you found ways to solve this problem? I met the similar problem when coding in Python. I am looking forward to y...

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Simulink UDP does not work, but Matlab code does
Hello,sir! I met the same problem. I code the UDP server code in python. But do you know how to output the data UDP server recei...

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Machine initialization of Diesel Generator in Micro grid
when you run the model, just use the powergui block to do the machine initialisation at first.

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simulation time of microgrid
have you changed your power gui to phasor?

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