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Simulink arduino library missing analog input as digital output block
As of 2019b, the digital output block can only handle the digital output pins (D0-D13). Any value greater than 13, representing ...

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Code compilation for ARM device (Raspberry PI)
I am assuming that R2019b is being used to in this scenario since ArmComputeVesion is '18.03'. This error might occur when incor...

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live object detection using raspberry pi cam
While 'myvideo.mpeg' is being called (line 13), there does not exist a file with such a name in the current MATLAB path. Modif...

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Unable to configurePin() and writeDigitalPin() for setting a UART device by Arduino MATLAB Support Package
This error might arise when the hardware is stuck while performing the I2C operation. Consider following the steps in the follow...

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