Use the MATLAB® AI Chat Playground to experiment, generate initial draft MATLAB code, and answer questions. The playground is built on OpenAI and optimized to assist with MATLAB related questions.  

The AI Chat Playground is provided for experimental use. We look forward to improving the AI responses generated by AI Chat Playground based on your feedback and improvements to the underlying models. We encourage you to review outputs for accuracy and quality.

Usage Guidelines 

MathWorks is pleased to be able to provide this AI Chat Playground for experimental use with technical computing, science, and engineering topics.  AI Chat Playground is directed to supporting chats and code output suggestions that are related to technical computing, science, and engineering, and in particular to MATLAB and other MathWorks products.

In line with MathWorks' commitment to promoting responsible and safe AI, we have implemented technical restrictions, or "guardrails". These measures are designed to keep the AI Chat Playground usage (input and related output) focused in these subject areas, ensuring a safe environment that aligns with our values and expertise. Over time, we expect these measures will better leverage MathWorks expertise and knowledge.

As part of being built on OpenAI, there are certain disallowed uses of the underlying OpenAI models.  MathWorks supports these limitations, which OpenAI may apply to your input and output as more fully described in the OpenAI Usage policies. These disallowed and restricted uses are subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the technical limitations of the AI Chat Playground? 
The AI Chat Playground is optimized to assist with MATLAB-related input, including toolboxes for deep learning, statistics and machine learning, optimization, control systems, and signal processing. Currently, the system has limited knowledge of Simulink and other MathWorks products. 

Where can I provide feedback about the output? 
Each interaction with the AI Chat Playground returns output. You can rate the helpfulness of the output with a thumbs up or thumbs down response. These ratings help us assess the quality of the outputs and identify areas for improvement. For additional details on data collection and usage, see section 5 of the MathWorks Online Service Agreement.
What data are you collecting to improve AI Chat Playground? 
When you provide feedback with a thumbs up/thumbs down, we collect that data along with the relevant input and output. For additional details on data collection and usage, see section 5 of the MathWorks Online Service Agreement.
Are there geographical limitations? 
Subject to change and U.S. export regulations, the AI Chat Playground will be available for eligible users in the countries and territories serviced and supported by OpenAI.  See OpenAI for its current list of Supported countries and territories.

Release Information 

  • January 2024 - Copy all code and download a .m file added
  • December 2023 – New expanding input box and visual enhancements
  • November 2023 – Onboarding prompt enhancements
  • October 2023 – Bug fixes, added code ghosting when hover over the insert code button.
  • September 2023 – Opened up to next wave of early access users, upgraded to R2023b
  • August 2023 – System prompt enhancements
  • July 2023 – Open up to first wave of early access users
  • June 2023 – Added AI output rating widget
  • May 2023 – Initial release