Design and Simulation of Enhanced MODLEACH for WSN

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Design and simulation of enhanced MODLEACH for wireless sensor network
Energy efficiency is resent issue in wireless sensor network (WSN). Hierarchical routing or Clustering is best solution for reducing energy consumption in WSN. LEACH (Low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy) is good hierarchical protocol. There are many protocols introduced based on LEACH but still have issue of energy efficiency. Lots of research is going on CH (cluster head) election algorithm, data aggregation, reducing number of transmission and different power levels. MODLEACH (Modified LEACH) uses three transmission power levels which reduces energy consumption in network; also it uses different cluster head election algorithm in which node have remaining energy greater than threshold it remain as cluster head for next round. Equation used in MODLEACH for electing cluster head was same as used in LEACH. We enhance MODLEACH by using different equation for cluster head election as used in HEED (Hybrid Energy-Efficient Distributed clustering) such that it elect node as cluster head based on remaining energy of node. Also we enhanced MODLEACH by putting energy hole removing mechanism such that if node has energy less than threshold, it puts a node into sleep mode. If number of sleep nodes greater than 10 then putting sleep nodes one by one into active mode. So our approach increased lifetime in terms of first dead node, stability period and packets to base station (BS) or sink

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Pandya, Nikunj K., et al. “Design and Simulation of Enhanced MODLEACH for Wireless Sensor Network.” International Conference on Computing, Communication & Automation, IEEE, 2015, doi:10.1109/ccaa.2015.7148440.

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