Light-matter interaction energy diagrams

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Allows you to create simple light-matter interaction energy diagrams. Include your quantum states and photon couplings between states.

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Allows you to create well-defined and simple light-matter interaction energy diagrams. Include quantum states and photon energies (couplings) between states. Ideal for non-linear optics and light-matter interactions in general.

How to use this code:

1. This code was written using MATLAB (version 2020a). Download MATLAB on your computer or try MATLAB online
2. Go to MATLAB File Exchange sign up/log in ( This community has tons of great MATLAB codes!
3. Download the "arrows.m" code (script): François Beauducel (2021). ARROWS: generalized and vectorized 2-D arrows plot (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved March 14, 2021.
4. Once downloaded, copy this file to the MATLAB parent directory. On Windows, this is typically: C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\MATLAB.
5. To make sure this was installed correctly, go to the MATLAB command window and type: arrows(1,1,1,1), a plot of an arrow should be prompted
6. Download my code on this repository: "light_matter_energy_level_diagram.m" and open it on MATLAB. Run the code and get a nice energy level diagram! (it should look like the "example.png" file)
7. Modify the code to get the specific type of plot you are looking for (add photon couplings, make photons non-collinear, change colors, etc.)

인용 양식

Sergio Yanez-Pagans (2023). Light-matter interaction energy diagrams (, GitHub. 검색됨 .

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