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Flow cytometric analysis GUI.
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fca - flow cytometric analysis
This Matlab GUI enables you to perform evaluation on FCS format data files measured by flow cytometry. The following features are included (version 2.2):
- reading FCS 2.0 and FCS 3.0 list mode (LM) file format. The user can multiselect more LM files in the Open LM File dialog box defining a set of LM files to be evaluate
- lineplot, dotplot and 3Dplot can be defined with easy way by a special GUI
- ROIs can be drawn on the dotplots to define filtered population
If more ROI you have at different dotplot, the intersection will be determined of the events. Only the filtered events will be displayed on lineplots and they will have red color in dotplot figures.
- defined ROIs can be moved by mouse dragging
- the mean and the stdev parameters are always displayed in all lineplot
- the setup of histograms (definition of lineplots, dotplots, ROIs) can be saved for later processing
- statistical results (mean, stdev) can be saved directly to an Excel sheet, including optional header line.
- the user can export the histogram data (X,Y coordinates) of a lineplot to Excel file for creating custom plots with different lineplots.
- the user can navigate across the current set of LM files using the Previous LM and Next LM buttons, enabling an efficient way to evaluate the next(previous) LM file.

For more information see the help of the installed program.

Installing, running: unzip the downloaded file, you will have an fca directory containing the whole utility. Add the fca directory (and ALL subfolders) to your matlab path. Run the fca function.

Demo LM files can be downloded from http://pet.dote.hu/~balkay/fca/etc/fca_demofiles

A binary (compiled) package for Windows XP can be found at http://pet.dote.hu/~balkay/fca
and short information on the installation:

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but not all situation has been checked.

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Laszlo Balkay (2024). fca 2.2 (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/8480-fca-2-2), MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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