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This toolbox is used to represent the kinematic diagram of any robot using both solid 3D frames and solid links.

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This is a simple robotics toolbox designed to study and understand the forward kinematics of robot manipulators.
Unlike Peter Corke's toolbox, the representation is not done automatically through the Denavit Hartenberg representation, but the homogeneous transformations are at the user's discretion and therefore the representation is built by the user. This feature enables to represent the kinematic diagram of parallel robots, such as the paralelogram configuration in the Fanuc Robots.
All the elements of any kinematic diagram can be represented with solid parts (3D frames, joints and links). The solid links need STL files. If you don't need the representation of solid links, these can be represented with simple lines.
The toolbox needs the next included complementary toolboxes/functions:
* FreezeColors toolbox by John Iversen (2005)
* Stlread and patchslim functions by Francis Esmonde-White (2010).
A couple of examples are provided for using this Toolbox.

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Cesar Chavez (2023). Simple Robotics Toolbox (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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