PV Emulator

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Basic Photovoltaic Emulator using Buck Converter

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Design Parameters
Control Strategy: Direct Referencing Method (Current Control)
PV Model: Look-Up Table (LUT) Method extracted from a Single Diode Model with Series Resistance (1D1R Model)
Power Converter: Buck Converter with PI Controller

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R. Ayop and C. W. Tan, "An Adaptive Controller for Photovoltaic Emulator using Artificial Neural Network," Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, vol. 5, pp. 556-563, 2017.
R. Ayop and C. W. Tan, "Rapid Prototyping of Photovoltaic Emulator Using Buck Converter Based on Fast Convergence Resistance Feedback Method," IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, vol. 34, pp. 8715-8723, 2019.

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