Closed-Loop Buck Converter using Fuzzy Logic Controller

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A standard closed-loop buck converter controlled using a standard 25 rules fuzzy logic controller.

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The buck converter is designed using 20 kHz switching frequency and operates in the continuous current mode. The fuzzy logic controller is implemented using a fixed range, which is -1 to +1. Therefore, it can be used for other controller. Note that the standardization of error (E=Output/Reference) is not a standard practice. You can remove this and replace it with a standard gain.

Please cited my paper if you using this simulation:
R. Ayop, C. W. Tan, and A. L. Bukar, "A Simple and Fast Computation Photovoltaic Emulator using Shift Controller," IET Renewable Power Generation, 2020.

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Razman Ayop (2023). Closed-Loop Buck Converter using Fuzzy Logic Controller (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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