Modeling and Simulation of Robotic Arm Using Simscape

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This is a Simscape model for a 3DOF robotic arm
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In this submission we model a small three-degrees of freedom(DOF) robotic arm which was purchased from in MATLAB Simscape. The actuators used in this arm are stepper motors. The main inputs to this 3 DOF arm are the torque angles to these actuators which will output the x,y and z position of the end effector or the gripper.

These codes are part of Chapter 3 in the book:
"Digital Twin Development and Deployment on the Cloud" Elsevier, 2020, Nassim Khaled, Bibin Pattel and Affan Siddiqui

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Nassim Khaled (2024). Modeling and Simulation of Robotic Arm Using Simscape (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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