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version 8.4.4 (16.3 MB) by Marco Riani
Robust regression, robust multivariate analysis, robust classification and much more...


Updated 20 Nov 2020

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FSDA Toolbox contains more than 200 routines to assess and understand data affected by multiple outliers. FSDA routines cover, multiple regression, multivariate data analysis, classification and transformations. FSDA also includes interactive tools for analyzing and modeling data, learning and teaching statistics. Every .m function has its corresponding HTML page in Mathworks style (which is generated automatically). The documentation system is perfectly integrated into the Mathworks framework.

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Marco Riani (2020). FSDA (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (25)

Aldo Corbellini

Dear Jonas, we thank you for your suggestions. In version 8.4.3 of FSDA we made the modifications you suggested. More precisely:
1. We have added option tag in FSR.m in order to tag the plots, which are produced. For a preview of the documentation see link:

2. Now mdrplot.m, mmdplot.m, mdrrsplot.m and mmdrsplot.m have an additional output in order to show the list of brushed units for each brushing operation, see for example this link:


In FSRcore.m one could possibly add the "Tag" to the figure, so that we are able to modify the plots later on. Also, it would be nice to obtain the indices of the "brushed" data points as well as the "brushing group" in mdrplot.m. Currently, I modify several functions, just to get a feedback. Thus, any update will cause some troubles.
However, beside from this minor issues: GREAT JOB, thank you!

Luca Poggianti

Mirko Anello


Daniele G

Domenico Perrotta

Good idea to add use-cases. Thanks Mohammed. This will require some time, but in the meantime you can find an important usecase at this link: Everything you see there is based on FSDA functions.

Marco Riani

For a short intro please see the related GitHub web site
or the video

Mohammad Rahmani

Wonderful! Please add a short into/usecase pdf

Silvia Salini

I like FSDA!

Agustín Iscar

Luigi Grossi

carmelo ludovico

Giorgio Gozzi

Fabrizio Laurini

Great stuff!

Michele Donati



Giovanni VERGA

Cecilia RIANI


Luca Insolia

heyla hugorson

Aldo Corbellini

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