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MATLAB Support Package for Parrot Drones

Control Parrot drones from MATLAB and acquire sensor data


Updated 21 Oct 2019

MATLAB® Support Package for Parrot® Drones provides interfaces to control a Parrot drone from MATLAB. You can pilot the drone by sending commands to control its direction, speed, and orientation. You can also read navigation data such as speed, height, and orientation using MATLAB commands.

This support package is functional for R2019a and beyond.

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ahmed masry

hu xiao

Hi Srijith Vijay,
We seems to solve the problem. In 'parrot.m', we reassign the 'HostPort' of each drones, and connect the drones successful. But we need more tests to verify the method.

Hi Hu Xiao,
The support package currently does not support connecting to multiple drones of the same type.
Please reach out to us at with your use case and current workflow.
Our team will consider adding this feature in one of the future releases of the support package.
Thank you.

hu xiao

We have controled a single Bebop 2 drone successful.
However, we try to control two Bebop 2 drones simultaneously by a computer. We have used two WLAN cards to connect the drones and changes the ip of one of the drones.
The package is always conflicting when we establish two structural bodys for the drones. The error is "Unable to connect to a Parrot drone. Ensure that the drone is powered
on and the computer is connected to the drone's WiFi network." .

hu xiao

Hi Nicola,
You are right. The flat trim is done internally every time you create a new parrot object.
Also, Parrot's firmware currently does not provide drone's rotor speeds.
Thank you for sharing your use case. We will consider providing these features in a future release of the Support Package.

Thank you!

Some question about the package and the drone stability:
- is there a Matlab "flat trim" command? Maybe is it execute every time a parrot() object is created?
- is it possible (maybe in a future) to read the speeds of each rotor? Just to understand if the drifting of the drone is created by the sensors flat trim or by the different speed of the rotors.

Thank you.

Hi Erfan,
Accessing and importing a Parrot drone 3D model is out of scope of this Support Package.
However, you can refer to the following links to help you get started with the use case:

Hope this helps!

Is it possible to access the 3D model of the drone and import it to software such as Unity?

Kangmin Lee

Hi Huzeyfe,

1. The Mambo and Bebop2 drones have a fixed navigation/sensor data refresh rates of 2Hz and 10Hz respectively. Both FPV drone cameras have a frame rate of 30fps.
2. Access to the drone's vertical camera is broken in Parrot's latest factory firmware versions (above v3.0.25). This currently prevents the support package from adding support for the drone's vertical camera.
3. The MATLAB Support Package for Parrot Drones works only with the default factory shipped firmware and does not support a custom firmware.

For further queries, feel free to contact us at
or post your query to MATLAB Answers:

I have a few questions about this package
1-What are the refresh rates possible with reading sensor and image data with this package?
2-Are there any plans to add support for reading images from downfacing camera?
3-Is it possible to use this package after deploying costum firmware with the simulink support package?
Thank you

Hi Kangmin Lee,
The support package currently does not read GPS data from the drone.

Kangmin Lee

Does it provide GPS information?

We are working on resolving the memory usage issue you reported. This will be fixed in the October support package update.

Contact us at We could help you resolve the issue you are facing.

using camera connection costs too much memory space, it even causes MATLAB crash.

Hi Charles,
For deploying the Quadcopter project onto a Parrot Minidrone, you need the Simulink Support Package for Parrot Minidrones ( and this currently does not support the Bebop2 drone. It supports only the Rolling Spider and Mambo mini-drones.

Is the Quadcopter project ( compatible with the Bebop 2? If not, is there any available example or existing project ready to work with the Bebop 2?

PS: Yes I have the Matlab Support Package for Parrot Drones (19.1.3 version)

[Update]: The MATLAB Support Package for Parrot Drones now support Parrot Bebop2 drones.


Hi Kai Chuen Tan,

We do not support the Parrot Jumping Sumo currently.
Feel free to reach out to us at with more information on your use case.
This will help us in our investigation to support the drone in a future MATLAB release.


Will it work with Jumping Sumo?


[Update]: Now access the First Person View (FPV) camera of the Parrot drone to capture images and view live video stream

Niwin Anto

Ankur Bose

Reni Joy

Greg Drayer


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Compatible with R2019a to R2019b
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