Connect RTL verification to MATLAB

Example showing HDL Verifier SystemVerilog DPI component generation from MATLAB and cosimulation with Simulink
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Demo design and files from the webinar "Improve RTL verification by connecting to MATLAB", which shows:

* SystemVerilog DPI component generation from MATLAB for stimulus and checking functions
* Integration of the generated components into a SystemVerilog UVM test environment
* Importing handwritten Verilog into HDL Verifier cosimulation
* Debugging the testbench using by cosimulating Simulink with Mentor Graphics Questa

This download includes the slides from the webinar, with the demo instructions interleaved. The slides also cover how advanced customers perform verification and validation at the model level to shift verification to earlier in the workflow.

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MathWorks HDLVerifier Team (2024). Connect RTL verification to MATLAB (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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