버전 1.5.2 (968 KB) 작성자: Pariterre
Easy to use C3D reader/writer in C++, Python and Matlab
다운로드 수: 1.4K
업데이트 날짜: 2024/6/18
Easy to use library to read and write/modify C3D files. C3D files are widely used in the field of biomechanics and community lacks of easy solution to deal with them. EZC3D addresses this problem by providing a C++, Python and MATLAB easy solution for all your c3d manipulation.
Please refer to the readme and the documentation for more informations

인용 양식

Pariterre (2024). ezc3d (https://github.com/pyomeca/ezc3d), GitHub. 검색됨 .

Michaud, Benjamin, and Mickaël Begon. ezc3d: An Easy C3D File I/O Cross-Platform Solution for C++, Python and MATLAB. Zenodo, 2021, doi:10.5281/ZENODO.4553333.

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The 1.4.2 version correspond to the version of the JOSS paper


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