Wind field simulation (the fast version)

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A three-variate turbulent wind field (u,v and w components) is simulated in three-dimensions.

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A three-variate turbulent wind field (u,v and w components) is simulated in three-dimensions.

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A turbulent wind field (u,v,w, components) in 3-D (two dimensions for space and one for the time) is simulated using random processes. The computational efficiency of the simulation relies on Ref. [1], which leads to a significantly shorter simulation time than the function windSim, also available on fileExchange. However, only the case of a regular 2D vertical grid normal to the flow is here considered.


The submission contains:

  • An example file Example1 that illustrates simply how the output variables look like.
  • An example file Example2, which is more complete, and which simulates a 3-D turbulent wind field on a 7x7 grid.
  • A data file exampleData.mat used in Example1.
  • The function windSimFast.m, which is used to generate the turbulent wind field. A similar implementation of windSimFast.m was used in ref. [2].
  • The function getSamplingpara.m, which computes the time and frequency vectors.
  • The function KaimalModel.m, which generates the one-point auto and cross-spectral densities of the velocity fluctuations, following the Kaimal model [3]. I have corrected the cross-spectrum density formula used by Kaimal et al. so that the simulated friction velocity is equal to the target one.
  • The function coherence used to estimate the root-mean-square coherence, the co-coherence and the quad-coherence.

Any comment, suggestion or question is welcomed.


[1] Shinozuka, M., & Deodatis, G. (1991). Simulation of stochastic processes by spectral representation. Applied Mechanics Reviews, 44(4), 191-204.

[2] Wang, J., Cheynet, E., Snæbjörnsson, J. Þ., & Jakobsen, J. B. (2018). Coupled aerodynamic and hydrodynamic response of a long span bridge suspended from floating towers. Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 177, 19-31.

[3] Davenport, A. G. (1961). The spectrum of horizontal gustiness near the ground in high winds. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 87(372), 194-211.

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Cheynet, E. Wind Field Simulation (the Fast Version). Zenodo, 2020, doi:10.5281/ZENODO.3774136.

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