"IMAGE2SEGY": Raster to SEG-Y Converter

작성자: Marcel.li Farran
Transforms raster image ( jpg, bmp, tif,..) to time-scaled & geo-referenced SEG-Y file.
업데이트 날짜: 2016/5/23

Actual link is http://gma.icm.csic.es/node/67
IMAGE2SEGY transforms raster images of seismic records on paper or film to geo-referenced Seg-Y files, compatible with "Kingdom-Suite", "Promax", "SeiSee", and other industry standard software. Scan your old seismic paper records or download images from Geological Surveys GIS servers and put it in your project displayed with your more recent digital lines in 3D. Very simple, fast and easy . Changes in Time Delay allowed. Last version V/2016

This script needs SegyMAT library in the Matlab path. SegyMAT(C) 2001-2012 Thomas Mejer Hansen. http://segymat.sourceforge.net/

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개발 환경: R2016a
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Windows macOS Linux
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