Download historical financial data from Yahoo!

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Retrieve historical stock data from Yahoo! Finance
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Retrieves historical stock data for the ticker symbols in Asset cell array (ticker symbol and yahoo stock exchange symbol), between the dates specified by Date1 (beginning) and Date2 (end) in the Matlab datenums format. The program returns the stock data in xls at '/Data' folder, giving the Date, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, and Adjusted Close price adjusted for dividends and splits.




Asset = {
Asset = table(Asset(:,1), Asset(:,2), 'VariableNames', {'Symbol', 'SE'});
Date1 = '26-Jan-2017';
Date2 = '27-Jan-2018';
interval = '1d';


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Bugs fixed.

Now creates 'Data' folder and then add to the path

Now checks if data is numeric.