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function for creating shortcuts to figure toolbar buttons (useful for docked figures)

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업데이트 날짜: 2022/10/15

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Executes/Emulates callbacks of figure toolbar buttons. Can be used to create a shortcut to figure menu items in the quick access toolbar (useful for docked figures when the figure toolbar is "hidden" behind the Figure toolstrip).
e.g.: shortcut2figtool('FileOpen') --> opens a new Figure
See screenshot for example on how to use. The toolbar icons can be found by typing the following in the command window:
Input argument:
tooltiptag - String with the emulated toolbar element
The following inputs are accepted for tooltiptag:

'PlottoolsOn' 'PlottoolsOff' 'InsertLegend' 'InsertColorbar' 'Linking' 'Brushing' 'DataCursor' 'Rotate' 'Pan' 'ZoomOut' 'ZoomIn' 'EditPlot' 'PrintFigure' 'SaveFigure' 'FileOpen' 'NewFigure'

This function relies heavily on undocumented functions and may break in a future Matlab release.

Author: Marc Jakobi 21.03.2017

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Marc Jakobi (2022). shortcut2figtool (, GitHub. 검색됨 .

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