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The MouseManager class provides an interface for managing mouse interactions with figure objects.

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The MouseManager class provides a general-purpose, easy-to-use interface for managing mouse-based interactions with objects in a figure. A MouseManager object is associated with a figure window and helps handle any mouse-driven interactions (such as clicking, hovering, and scrolling) with multiple graphics objects within the figure, particularly axes objects and their children.
MMOBJ = MouseManager(HFIGURE) will create a MouseManager object MMOBJ associated with HFIGURE. HFIGURE must be a valid figure handle. The lifecycle of MMOBJ is bound to HFIGURE; deleting HFIGURE will cause MMOBJ to be deleted as well.

Graphics objects to be managed by MMOBJ, along with their associated callback functions, can be added using the MouseManager.add_item method. MMOBJ can be enabled/disabled using the MouseManager.enable method. Please see the documentation in MouseManager_demo.html for more details and example use cases.

All source code is maintained on GitHub:

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