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Thermodynamic Superheated Tables

version (2.25 MB) by Peter L Bishay
GUI to evaluate the missing values from the superheated water steam tables.


Updated 19 Jan 2017

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This GUI was created as a course project in "ME 305: Engineering Computer Applications" course, taught by Dr. Peter L. Bishay at Saint Martin's University (SMU), Fall 2014. The project was called "FEApps" denoting "Fundamentals of Engineering Apps". For more details about this course project as well as other GUIs or Apps created by other students, refer to the paper published by Dr. Bishay in Computer Applications in Engineering Education (CAE) journal:
The App was created by Matt Dunford, Max Flukey, and Kevin Krueger, under supervision of Dr. Peter L. Bishay.
Instruction: Run the main GUI file which is called "Unitsystem_GUI_2.m" here.

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Peter L Bishay (2020). Thermodynamic Superheated Tables (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Hi James, Just run the file "Unitsystem_GUI_2.m" and it will work. I will update it later to make an installable App, but for now it works fine when you run this file (Unitsystem_GUI_2.m).

Which files do we need to run in the background? It is not executing properly for me.

Great app for solving the Thermodynamic problem! It saves me lots of time!

Run the main GUI file which is called "Unitsystem_GUI_2.m" here.


Typo corrected.

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Description updated

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