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Allows user to pause MATLAB simulation.
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Displays a button which, if clicked, causes MATLAB to pause and ask for an expression to be entered. This expression is evaluated in the calling functions workspace, the result is displayed and then MATLAB continues running its script/simulation.

pauseButton should be called often from inside a loop in a simulation which the user may want to pause. After the first call, it takes almost zero processing time.

Useful if e.g. you are running a long simulation and suddenly decide you want to know how many five card poker hands are in a pack.

Click the pause button, enter nchoosek(52,5) at the command window prompt then press return. Matlab displays
ans =
and continues the simulation.

example usage:

for ii=1:50000
for jj=1:1000

Uses almost no processing time.

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Murphy O'Brien (2024). pauseButton (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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Uses the calling functions variable space, allows you to see its variables. Fixed problem where closing it while running caused the calling function error. Now handle invisible so plotting wont plot to the button. Changed title to pause button.