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Transfer Student Capable GPA Calculator

버전 (2.27 KB) 작성자: David Cazenave
gpafilxchng1.m is a user friendly script that calculates a students gpa's.

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업데이트 날짜: 2019/7/20

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This script predicts the gpa's of up to 3 schools (and cumulative) from classes completed and graded, and from classes yet to be finished or taken (via the user estimating his grades). After the first input the script uses a for loop to have the user input the information for each class included in the first input. Enter the points and units of classes already officially graded, for each school, in the first 6 lines (SCHLx_p and SCHLx_u), before running the script. If the user wants the gpa of a single school or 2 schools, enter 0 for SCHLx_p and SCHLx_u for those schools not used, and the results for those schools will be NaN because of the division of zero by zero (0/0). NaN stands for "Not a Number". Up to 12 classes can be calculated into all the school gpa's for each script run.

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David Cazenave (2022). Transfer Student Capable GPA Calculator (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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