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Create figure in tiled positions
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SUBFIGURE Create figure in tiled positions.
1) subfigure(m,n,p) move gcf to the position specified by m,n,p in a same
manner as subplot(m,n,p) does, p is a scalar or vector.
2) subfigure(m,n,p,figure) create a new figure at the specified position.
3) subfigure(m,n,p,f) when f is a figure will move f to the specified position.
4) subfigure(...,P1,V1,P2,V2...) sets the specified property-value pairs on the figure.
OUT: hFig - Handle of figure.
!! NOTE1: 'maximize' function is required!
NOTE2: you may add extra line to 'maximize' function:
in order to get rid of warning message.

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Nikolay (2024). subfigure(nRows,nCols,figureId,varargin) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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