PicoScope 9000 Series MATLAB Examples

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Example MATLAB scripts demonstrating how to communicate with PicoScope® 9000 Series Oscilloscopes

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This is a set of examples demonstrating how to control the PicoScope® 9200 and PicoScope 9300 Series PC Sampling Oscilloscopes using ActiveX with MATLAB®. The examples consist of MATLAB code which will display a GUI when run. A brief guide is included with each example.

Supported models:-

PicoScope 9200 Series:

* PicoScope 9201A
* PicoScope 9211A
* PicoScope 9221A
* PicoScope 9231A

PicoScope 9300:

* PicoScope 9301
* PicoScope 9302
* PicoScope 9311
* PicoScope 9312
* PicoScope 9321
* PicoScope 9341

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Pico Technology (2023). PicoScope 9000 Series MATLAB Examples (https://github.com/picotech/picosdk-ps9000-matlab-examples), GitHub. 검색됨 .

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