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Elegant box plot with a few customisation features
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BOXPLOT(Y) plots a box for each of the columns in Y. Each box will be placed on integer positions along the x-axis, corresponding to the column number. The box indicates the 25th and 75th percentiles, a bar indicates the 50th percentile, and whiskers indicate the max and min datum. H = BOXPLOT(Y) returns one handle per box.

BOXPLOT(Y,'outlier') changes the plot such that the whiskers indicate the max and min datum still within 1.5 IQR (the height of the box). Data outside the whiskers are shown as dots. H = BOXPLOT(Y,'outlier') returns two handles per box (one for the box, one for the dots representing the outliers). The outlier handle can be 0 if there were no outliers to plot.

BOXPLOT(...,'boxwidth',W,'barlength',S) additionally sets the width of the box as a fraction of the distance between boxes, and the total length of the bar that represents the median. It is recommended that S>=W. By default, W=0.4 and S=0.5.

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Cris Luengo (2024). boxplot (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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