Soft Starter Induction Motor Model

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Electro-mechanical model of a thyristor-based soft starter with Simscape Electrical
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Soft starters are power electronics topologies allowing soft start/stop of induction motors widely used in industrial applications (i.e. water treatment). A model of a thyristor-based soft start of a 15kW induction motor is introduced (Simscape Electrical). The model provides both open-loop and closed-loop algorithms for thyristor firing (speed control with smooth bypass connection).
Video. More Electric Tech Series: 2. Soft Starters and Variable Speed Drives.

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Juan Sagarduy (2024). Soft Starter Induction Motor Model (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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Both DELTA and STAR connected induction motors now tackled. Torque control for motor start added as well. Separate file including relevant parameters.

Updated link.

Upgraded for R2022a.

Optimized reference speed and firing curve for linear motor ramp up. Minimized peak current & smooth by-pass connection.

Minor correction.

Adding video as a supporting material.

Replacing in the description SimPowerSystems (obsolete) with Simscape Electrical.

Models updated to 2020a.

Updated license