Li-ion battery model

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The LiFePO4 battery model developed on the basis of experimental data.
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The LiFePO4 battery model has been developed in the PLECS toolbox. The model of electrochemical cell has been created on the basis of the characteristics of Li-ion battery determined experimentally. The Winston Battery Cell LYP40AHA has been used in the study. Battery model has been developed to reflect the battery voltage during discharge at various condition. Voltage characteristics take into account the change in battery voltage caused by state of charge, temperature and current. The model is dynamic, i.e. it reflects the transient state of battery output voltage. More details on battery model is presented in
Performed studies allow to presume that the battery model adequately reflects the LiFePO4 behaviour in the ranges of:
- temperature 0C - 40°C
- cell voltage 2.5V - 3.6V
- C-rate current 0-2C
The parameterisation of the model allows to specify a battery pack with a defined cell capacity and number of cells in series.

There is not possible to model pure variable resistors in PLECS, so a capacitive coupled variable resistor with very small capacitance has been used to model a series resistance.

The full version is available for the licensed PLECS users. The non-licensed users need the free PLECS Viewer -

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