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Space-Time Adaptive Processing for Airborne Radar by J.Ward

version (3.78 MB) by Ilias Konsoulas
Reproduction of J.Ward's Technical Report 1015 figures.


Updated 23 Sep 2018

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This submission contains a set of scripts that reproduce the figures included in the seminal J.Ward's technical report on airborne STAP. This may be valuable to any STAP newcomer because it demonstrates the fundamental STAP concepts. It provides the path from mathematical formulas to crisp numerical results thus verifying the presented performance of various processing methods. Specifically, all figures from the following chapters have been reproduced:
Chapter 2: Airborne Array Radar Signal Environment.
Chapter 3: Space-Time Processing Fundamentals.
Chapter 5: Element-Space STAP.
Chapter 6: Beamspace STAP.
Chapter 7: Additional Performance Results.
In addition, the performance of the basic Sample Matrix Inversion (SMI) algorithm is demonstrated by few Monte-Carlo runs in Figure 29 reproduction script.

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Ilias Konsoulas (2019). Space-Time Adaptive Processing for Airborne Radar by J.Ward (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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@ Sasitha Palepu: If you want to see the effect of diagonal loading on the sample autocorrelation matrix, you can take a look at my other contribution, under the title "Array Signal Processing Demos":

can anybody working in Diagonal loading in STAP.
anybody can telll relevent matlab programs for diagonal loading.

sina eslami


yao sun

Rafi Ahmed

@ Wen: by searching the internet.


Where can we find J.Ward's Technical Report? Thanks a lot.


Great effort. Thank you!

Ruoyu Feng


Xining Yu

venu dunde



sager alarb

tank you

@ Mitchell: You are correct. Thanks for the feedback. I'll do the update shortly.

Beginning in Ch. 3 code, fig. 23, on line 168 I don't believe "cos(theta*pi/180)" should be included.

(a) It is a typo in the first place, because theta is already in radians.

(b) You will notice if you make the correction from (a) and make the altitude higher so theta isn't close to 0, the output beampattern changes as if the jammer azimuth angle has changed.


Updated the MatLab version which I used to update the latest version.

I have prettified the code and corrected some typos. Also, I have modularized the repeatd sections of code into common scripts. I included a couple of clutter covariance matrix computation functions. I have published all the figures in html format.

I have used markup and cell programming to convert some matlab scripts to nice html format. Now the interested readers may see the resulting figures for chapters 2, 3 and 5.

Updated the description text of this submission.

I added the figures of the last chapter of this report titled "Additional Performance Results". I have also corrected/deleted some comments and improved the appearance of the code.

Minor Corrections in the submission's presentation page. I also tried a better picture.

Figures from chapters 5 and 6 have been added.

Correction of this submission's description text.

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Ch.2 Airborne Array Radar Signal Environment

Ch.3 Space-Time Processing Fundamentals

Ch.5 Element-Space STAP

Ch.6 Beamspace STAP

Ch.7 Additional Performance Results