Doodson tidal wave components

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Earth tidal waves harmonic development by Darwin-Doodson
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업데이트 날짜: 2021/1/6

This function gives the parameters for about 40 main wave components of Earth tides due to Sun and Moon, using the harmonic development of Arthur Thomas Doodson. For a given wave, it returns in a structure the 6 Doodson's arguments, wave Darwin's symbol, wave description and the wave period (in days).

>> X=doodson('M2')
X =

symbol: {'M2'}
name: {'Principal lunar semidiurnal'}
doodson: [2 0 0 0 0 0]
period: 0.5175

Type doodson without argument to see the list of available waves.

인용 양식

François Beauducel (2024). Doodson tidal wave components (, GitHub. 검색됨 .

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