Matlab 2048

버전 (3.16 KB) 작성자: Joren Heit
Matlab implementation of the addictive game 2048

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업데이트 날짜: 2014/3/25

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This game, recently invented (March 2014) by Gabriele Cirulli, is gaining popularity due to both its simplicity and complexity!
The only goal is to create a tile containing the number 2048. You do this by sliding the numbered tiles around (using the arrow-keys). When two identical numbers meet, they merge by adding up. This allows you to generate powers of 2, but it will get exponentially harder as you get further along!
For more information on the game, I refer to the Wikipedia entry at
This implementation, I must admit, is poorly documented, because it was just an afternoon project. I think however that the code is pretty much self-documenting. If not, you are free to ask anything!

Have fun and post your high-scores for some nice competition! :-D

To play:
- download and extract the submission
- run >> start2048


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Joren Heit (2023). Matlab 2048 (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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* Updated the description (sorry I forgot!), no need to download the linspecer package anymore.

* Removed 'linspecer' dependency by hardcoding the colormap. Still, kudo's to the author!
* 4's will now spawn with 10% probability (2's with the remaining 90%)