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Latitude/longitude to and from UTM coordinates precise and vectorized conversion.
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UTM2LL converts Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) East/North coordinates to latitude/longitude.
LL2UTM converts latitude/longitude coordinates to UTM.
Both functions are using precise formula (millimeter precision), possible user-defined datum (WGS84 is the default), and are all vectorized (no loop in the code). It means that huge matrix of points, like an entire DEM grid, can be converted very fast.
Example (needs readhgt.m author's function):
X = readhgt(36:38,12:15,'merge','crop',[36.5,38.5,12.2,16],'plot');
[lon,lat] = meshgrid(X.lon,X.lat);
[x,y,zone] = ll2utm(lat,lon); % do the job!
z = double(X.z); z(z==-32768 | z<0) = NaN;
pcolor(x,y,z); shading flat; hold on
hold off; axis equal; axis tight
xlabel('East (m)'); ylabel('North (m)')
title(sprintf('Sicily - UTM zone %d WGS84',zone))
loads SRTM full resolution DEM of Sicily in lat/lon (a 2400x4500 grid), converts it to UTM and plots the result with pcolor and contour. To make a regular UTM grid, you may interpolate x and y with griddata function.

See "doc ll2utm" and "doc utm2ll" for syntax and help.

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François Beauducel (2024). LL2UTM and UTM2LL (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/45699-ll2utm-and-utm2ll), MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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- utm2ll: fix an issue when input arguments are matrices
- ll2utm: fix an issue when ZONE is vector/matrix but LAT is scalar
- improves input arguments checking


ll2utm : adds a check for latitude values input argument

packaging problem.

Following the comment of Frederic Christen (thanks!), ZONE input argument can be scalar, vector or matrix in both ll2utm and utm2ll. Bug corrected for negative ZONE multiple outputs in southern hemisphere.

LL2UTM: adds possibility to force the UTM zone (thanks to Mathieu's suggestion).

- adds single output argument (ll2utm and utm2ll)
- adds single input argument (ll2utm)

minor update.

adds an example of ll2utm use.

minor update of description.