Propagating Trajectories from the Earth to the Moon

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Integrate n-body trajectories from the Earth to the Moon. Includes non-spherical Earth gravity.
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PDF document and a MATLAB script called pprop_lunar that can be used to numerically integrate the geocentric orbital equations of motion of a trajectory from the Earth to the Moon. This scientific simulation begins at a user-defined epoch and geocentric state vector (position and velocity vectors) representing the point of trans-lunar injection (TLI) and ends at (1) closest approach to the Moon, (2) a user-defined Moon-centered (selenocentric) distance, or (3) at a user-defined final epoch.

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David Eagle (2024). Propagating Trajectories from the Earth to the Moon (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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Input in true-of-date coordinates. Updated to use JPL *.bsp ephemeris and MICE routines. PDF document updated.

Includes new option to model the effect of the Moon on the trajectory using non-spherical lunar gravity.