PicoScope 2000 Series MATLAB Generic Instrument Driver

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MATLAB Instrument Driver for use with PicoScope 2000 Series oscilloscopes (Beta Release)

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업데이트 날짜: 2023/2/23

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This MATLAB® Generic Instrument Driver allows a user to acquire block and streaming data from the PicoScope® 2000 Series Oscilloscopes and control in-built signal generator functionality. The data could be processed in MATLAB using functions from Toolboxes such as Signal Processing Toolbox.

Supported models:

* PicoScope 2204A & 2205A

The Instrument driver should also support the following products which are now obsolete:

* PicoScope 2104 & 2105
* PicoScope 2202
* PicoScope 2203, 2204 & 2205

For PicoScope 2205 MSO, 2205A MSO, 2206, 2206A/B/B MSO, 2207A/B/B MSO, 2208A/B/B MSO, 2405A, 2406B, 2407B and 2408B models, please use the PicoScope 2000 Series (A API) - MATLAB Generic Instrument Driver:


인용 양식

Pico Technology (2023). PicoScope 2000 Series MATLAB Generic Instrument Driver (https://github.com/picotech/picosdk-ps2000-matlab-instrument-driver), GitHub. 검색됨 .

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Update Other Requirements

Update title and description

Update MATLAB Release and Platform Compatibility information.

Updated to use new prototype file naming convention
Updated description text.
Updated text formatting.

Moved files to GitHub repository.

Removed reference to Windows SDK 7.1 and updated instructions for SDK download
Added support for MATLAB for Linux operating systems.

Updated Instrument Driver package uploaded.

Update to description.

Device properties and functions now organised into groups. Additional example and some minor fixes.

Beta release updated to support new PicoScope 2204A and 2205A products.

Streaming data capture and Arbitrary Waveform functionality added.

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