Tetris for MATLAB

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Another MATLAB version of the classic game, Tetris.
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Pushing the following keys has the listed effect:
Key Effect
n.....Starts a new game in the middle of any game.
p.....Pauses/Unpauses game play.
s.....Starts the new game (alternative to pushing the start button).
Other tips:
To move the piece, use the arrow keys.
The up arrows rotates a piece clockwise, shift+up, counter clockwise.
Clicking on the preview window hides/unhides the preview (next piece).
Click on the level (1) before starting a game to choose start level. If the first level is too slow, try starting out at a higher level, up to 9. The desired starting level may also be passed in as an argument when first calling the game. For example,
starts the game at level 7.
Certain alterations should be easy for experienced MATLAB users, such as altering the number of lines required to advance to the next level and the acceleration rate level-to-level, as the code is well-commented. If it is desired to change these things but too difficult, feel free to contact me for assistance.
See the help in the file for more important information. If this game is found to have bugs, please contact me via email with a detailed message.

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Matt Fig (2024). Tetris for MATLAB (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/34513-tetris-for-matlab), MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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MATLAB had changed functionality so that the resize function was called upon initialization, resulting in an error about undefined structure S. This was fixed by putting a line in before the initialization defining S.

Bug fix. An error was produced by clicking on a border block because the handlevisibility was 'off' instead of 'callback'.

Made it easier for programmers to change level steps and acceleration. Other minor housekeeping alterations.