Optical gain calculator for all III-V semiconductors including type I and II heterojunctions

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Here the 2D model for calculation of the gain and spontaneous emission spectra is presented.
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Quantum-sized lasers with ultrathin active layers have been found to have superior characteristics, such as ultralow threshold current, less temperature dependence, narrow gain spectrum, gain flattening effect, dependence on the number and the thickness of the QW's and polarization dependent optical gain, which are important for optical signal-processing in telecommunication.
The gain properties in QW lasers have been investigated using different theoretical treatments, but there is no paper, where all equations are putted together with all parameter values. To investigate the optical properties of semiconductor devices detailed integral gain model for wide range of materials (all III-V zinc blende compositions) is presented. In this model, maximum modifications presented in literature are included and all parameter values needed for gain calculation are put together. Model consists a database for parameters of all possible III-V semiconductor alloys including strained binary, ternary and quaternary materials. Functions are dependent on temperature, carrier and photon concentration, thickness of quantum wells and polarization. In model, the possibility of switching between type I and II heterojunctions is also included.

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Volodymyr Lysak (2024). Optical gain calculator for all III-V semiconductors including type I and II heterojunctions (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/33353-optical-gain-calculator-for-all-iii-v-semiconductors-including-type-i-and-ii-heterojunctions), MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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