Generate U3D files from STL models for making multilayer 3D PDF figures

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Conversion of meshes into U3D files for making multilayer 3D PDF figures with transparency.

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This submission is based on Alexandre Gramfort's "matlab-mesh-to-pdf-with-3d-interactive-object". His program allows meshes to be converted into 3D PDF figures. However, his code only allows a single layer to be converted, and does not enable transparency.

The present submission does not create the final PDF. It generates the U3D file which can then be inserted into a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Pro. This submission also allows multilayer meshes to be created, and for the transparency of each layer to be specified.

This code includes a function (installGoogleArchive.m) which will automatically download and install binaries required to convert the intermediate data format (IDTF) file into the final Universal 3D (U3D) file. This code also only includes the windows version of the converter.

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Francis Esmonde-White (2023). Generate U3D files from STL models for making multilayer 3D PDF figures (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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Included file updated (File Exchange # 31414) in response to comment by Jan Simon.

No code changes, I just fixed the acknowledgements (I had 25383 listed in the 'includes code' section, but that didn't make a link in the acknowledgements section).