NGPM -- A NSGA-II Program in Matlab v1.4

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NSGA-II and R-NSGA-II in Matlab

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This program is an implementation of nondominated sorting genetic algorithm II (NSGA-II) proposed by K. Deb. Capabilities:
1. R-NSGA-II: Reference-point-based NSGA-II.
2. Coding: real, integer.
3. GA operator: Intermediate crossover, Gaussian mutation.
4. Constraint handling.
5. Parallel computation of objective function evaluation.
6. Population plot in window.
I write this program because Aravind Seshadri’ program (File ID#10429) could not satisfy my request. I need constraint handling, integer coding to solve a finite element optimization problem. The finite element solution is very time-expensive, thus the parallel computation of objective evaluation is implemented in the code.

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Song Lin (2023). NGPM -- A NSGA-II Program in Matlab v1.4 (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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v1.4 [2011-07-26]
1. Add: Support three or more objectives visualization display in "plotnsga".
2. Add: R-NSGA-II problem: DTLZ2.
3. Improve efficiency for large generation.

v1.3 [2011-07-15]
1. Add: Implement reference-point-based NSGA-II procedure -- R-NSGA-II.
2. Improve: Improve efficiency.
3. Modify: Modify the crossover and mutation strategy.

Load optimization result from file and restart a optimization from previous optimization result.