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Utility for creating a standard uicontextmenu for line objects.
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LINECMENU Creates a uicontextmenu or submenu to a pre-existing uicontextmenu for a line object.
U = LINECMENU; creates a uicontext menu for a line object. U can then be
put in the 'uicontextmenu' property of any (or several) line object(s).

LINECMENU(H) appends a line menu to uicontextmenu or submenu in handle H.

The sample image shows the menu which comes up when a line is clicked.

The code should be easy enough to follow that it is extensible. For
example, one could add more sizes to the MarkerSize menu by following the
pattern laid out in the code.

Also included is another M-file, DEFAULTLINECREATEFCN. This file is meant to be called from the STARTUP file so that LINECMENU is automatically placed in the uicontextmenu for all subsequently created lines. This is optional, and will result in all future lines created by the user having the LINECMENU options. The directions for performing this simple, optional operation are included in the help for DEFAULTLINECREATEFCN. If you want to do this and are unable to figure it out, feel free to contact me and I will help you.

Also included is a bonus function, DUALCOLORPLOT. This function uses LINECMENU, and so serves as a demo for LINECMENU. DUALCOLORPLOT was inspired by a recent post on Doug Hull's video page.

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Implemented Oleg's suggestions.

Added the optional default file.

Abandoned nested functions in bonus file.