Stem and leaf plot

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This is a simple utility for making stem and leaf plots output to the command window.
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Plots stem and leaf plot to command window


STEMLEAFPLOT plots stem-leaf plots of the input V to the command window.
Leaf precision may be defined by the user. Note that inputs will be
rounded to the nearest leaf unit (

V : Array of numerical inputs (NaN values are ignored)

P : Leaf precision (defined as integer power of 10)
Stem precision (by default) is 10^(P+1).
P is automatically rounded at the beginning of the function.
Leaf and stem units are printed at the bottom of the graph.
Examples: P = -3 rounds V to the nearest 10^-3 = 0.001
P = 3 rounds V to the nearest 10^3 = 1000
[DEFAULT: P = 0]

Command window output

% Stem-leaf plot of V with unit precision
V = 10.*randn(1,50);

% Stem-leaf plot of V with precision of 0.1
V = randn(1,50);

% Stem-leaf plot of V with precision of 100
V = 5000.*randn(1,50);

Jered Wells
jered [dot] wells [at] duke [dot] edu

v1.2 (02/14/2012)

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