RDMSEED and MKMSEED: Read and write miniSEED files

버전 (364 KB) 작성자: François Beauducel
Imports and exports data files in seismological format "mini-SEED"
다운로드 수: 8.1K
업데이트 날짜: 2023/2/2

Matlab codes to read and write miniSEED files

인용 양식

François Beauducel (2024). RDMSEED and MKMSEED: Read and write miniSEED files (https://github.com/IPGP/mseed-lib), GitHub. 검색됨 .

MATLAB 릴리스 호환 정보
개발 환경: R2014a
모든 릴리스와 호환
플랫폼 호환성
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버전 게시됨 릴리스 정보

- fixes an issue with time sampling in the T0,FS mode.


fixes 24-bit uncompressed format reading.


- applies the time correction to StartTime (if needed)
- new option to disable time correction
- fixes a problem when plotting multiplexed channels (thanks to Robert Chase)


fix a bug in time correction reading


- applies the time correction to X.t (if needed)
- Geoscope 16/4 format passed real data archive tests

- accepts time vector T and detects data blocks (gaps and overlaps)
- adds GEOSCOPE 16/3-4 bit gain ranged coding


- Improved endianness automatic detection (see comments).
- Accepts mixed little/big endian encoding in a single file.
- minor fixes.


- fix warning problem in R2013b (bitcmp)
- better header test to guess big/little-endian coding
- adds option 'be' to force big-endian read


adds a verbose mode (option)


Correction of a bug with little-endian file coding and Steim-1/2 data encoding.


mkmseed: add Steim-1 and Steim-2 encoding formats.


Complementary function mkmseed.m allowing to write mini-SEED file.


- Validation of ASCII encoding format (logs)
- Blockettes are now stored in substructures below a single field X.BLOCKETTES
- Add import of blockettes 500 and 2000
- Accept multi-channel files with various data coding


- add input formats for GEOSCOPE multiplexed old data files
- additional output argument with gap and overlap analysis
- create a plot when no output argument are specified
- optimize script coding (30 times faster STEIM decoding!)

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