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Draw a filled circle

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Plots a filled circle with given radius, center and color.


Updated 23 May 2010

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FILLEDCIRCLE Filled circle drawing

filledCircle(CENTER,R,N,COLOR) draws a circle filled with COLOR that has CENTER as its center and R as its radius, by using N points on the periphery.

Usage Examples,


If you would like to generate the screenshot image above, you could do this:

hold on
axis off


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danny hsu

Mohammad Rashidi

Todd LeBlanc

Muhammad Huzaifa


Thanks a lot for sharing your cleverness ...

Alex R.

I know this is old but I wanted to note that it can be done easier and faster as follows:

t = 2*pi/N*(1:N);
fill(c(1)+r*cos(t), c(2)+r*sin(t), color);

Also note that you don't need both 0 and 2pi (they are the same polar point). Your code actually generates N+1 points.

[ depending on N, the above can be substantially faster than using linspace() + ones() + pol2cart() ]



This addon has a bug (I guess). It changes the aspect ratio of my plot.


Hi Irvin,

I am not sure I understand your question thoroughly but here is what you can do for transparency:

% Filled object becomes more and more transparent as the following variable [transp] goes to zero. [Max value is 1]
transp = 0.5;


irvin rynning

In the code using a white fill
results in the same circle with white center.
how to make it transparent ?



Hi Catalin,

You may want to check if you are playing with the axes, especially whether or not the code is making a zooming effect.

If you can't figure that out, using the clf command of matlab, or closing and reopening the figure window at each iteration should solve the problem.


AwedBy Matlab

Hi Sadik, I am having some problems using filledCircle - the first time I use the function to draw a couple of circles, they are displayed at a certain size, but then the second time (e.g. second iteration of a for loop) they are displayed slightly bigger, even though the function was called with the same RADIUS parameter. Do you know why that might be? Thanks very much!

AwedBy Matlab

Very useful, thank you!

Tima Tima

Thank you for more simple and more useable code

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Compatible with any release
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Inspired by: Draw a circle.

Inspired: circlem, circle plotter

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