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Find all factorings of N which have K elements.
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NFACTORK All integer factorings of integer N which have K elements.
T = NFACTORK(N,K) returns an array which has K columns such that all(prod(T,2)==N) is true.


T = nfactork(24,3) % produces
T =
1 1 24
1 2 12
1 3 8
1 4 6
2 2 6
2 3 4

such that: all(prod(T,2)==24) % True

T = nfactork(N,inf);
% Last row is factor(N)
% unique(T) lists all divisors of N

This was written in response to a NewsGroup question.
Like many combinatorial problems, this one can grow very quickly and soon overwhelm the system resources. Suggestions for improvements are always welcome.
See the function help and comments in code for more information.

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