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버전 (3.18 KB) 작성자: Darren Rowland
Solver for the puzzler posted by Doug Hull July 09 http://blogs.mathworks.com/videos/
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This puzzler was posted by Doug Hull recently. This code is my attempt at a solver. The file main.m includes the functions written by Doug so that the solver may be run without any supporting files.

My solver takes a greedy approach, forming a heuristic based on looking 2 moves ahead. Near the end of the game the algorithm looks to eliminate colours from the board.
The search is non-exhaustive so that it always terminates quickly.

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Darren Rowland (2024). Puzzler: solution (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/24933-puzzler-solution), MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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