gaimc : Graph Algorithms In Matlab Code

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Efficient pure-Matlab implementations of graph algorithms to complement MatlabBGL's mex functions.
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While MatlabBGL uses the Boost Graph Library for efficient graph routines,
gaimc implements everything in pure Matlab code. While the routines are
slower, they aren't as slow as I initially thought. Since people often
have problems getting MatlabBGL to compile on new versions of Matlab
or on new architectures, this library is then a complement to MatlabBGL.

See the published M-files for a few examples of the capabilities.

depth first search (dfs)
breadth first search (bfs)
connected components (scomponents)
maximum weight bipartite matching (bipartite_matching)
Dijkstra's shortest paths (dijkstra)
Prim's minimum spanning tree (mst_prim)
clustering coefficients (clustercoeffs)
directed clustering coefficients (dirclustercoeffs)
core numbers (corenums)

The project is maintained at github :

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David Gleich (2024). gaimc : Graph Algorithms In Matlab Code (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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