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Experimental (Semi-) Variogram

버전 (5.24 KB) 작성자: Wolfgang Schwanghart
calculate the isotropic and anisotropic experimental (semi-) variogram

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variogram calculates the isotropic and anisotropic experimental variogram in various dimensions.

d = variogram(x,y)
d = variogram(x,y,'pn','pv',...)

The function uses parseargs (objectId=10670) by Malcolm wood as subfunction.

Currently, the function calculates all variogram values at one step. While this is fast for small data sets (n<2000), it may fail on large data sets owing to memory constraints. For large datasets you may thus want to use the 'subsample' option.

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Wolfgang Schwanghart (2022). Experimental (Semi-) Variogram (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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