LVM file import

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Imports LabView .lvm data files into MATLAB
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National Instruments LabView software has a native file format called LabView Measurement File (LVM, extension .lvm). This m-file, lvm_import.m, reads LVM files and imports the data into the MATLAB workspace. lvm_import.m handles all types of text-based LVM files, and returns specific information such as date, time, data column names, etc.

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M. A. Hopcroft (2024). LVM file import (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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버전 게시됨 릴리스 정보

Fixed bug that prevented importing "data-only" .lvm files.

add graphic
v3.1 - More robust handling of files with missing data points. Fully vectorized processing of files using comma-separated decimals.

v2.2 fix for case of comma separator in multi-segment files; performance improvement

v2.1: fix "empty Separator" bug; align column labels with data array; other minor changes (see code comments for details)

v2.0: fix "string bug" for non-dot-based decimal files

Updated for LVM version 2.0 (decimal separator)

v1.2 bugfixes for "Special Headers".

v1.1 update to stay compatible with latest NI version

Fix comments, add Cells