Vectorized Adaptive noise canceler using LMS filter

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This demo shows to call external functions in an Embedded MATLAB block
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(Demo developed using R2007b)
Embedded MATLAB block in Simulink supports calling three types of functions;

1) Embedded MATLAB builtin library functions
2) Subfunctions within the Embedded MATLAB block script and
3) External MATLAB functions

This demo shows how to call user written compilable "External MATLAB functions" from an Embedded MATLAB block.

The attached model implements a vectorized adaptive noise canceler using a Least Mean Square (LMS) filter written in Embedded MATLAB.

The LMS filter retrieves the original music signal ('err_sig') from Pilot's Mic by filtering the Exterior Mic's signal. The weights of the filter are updated(adapted) in real time based on 'input' and 'err_sig'

The main body of the canceler implementation is part of the block script in
'lms_eml_hardware/Embedded MATLAB Function'. The script embedded in that block calls the following M functions on the path

tapped_delay_fcn.m, treesum_fcn.m, update_weight_fcn.m

For code generation (C and HDL) the user must instruct Embedded MATLAB to compile an external function by adding the following compilation directive or pragma to the function body


For more info related to this topic search for "Calling Functions in Embedded MATLAB" in MATALAB documentation

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Kiran Kintali (2024). Vectorized Adaptive noise canceler using LMS filter (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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