Multichannel Filtered‑x Least Mean Square (McFxLMS)

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This work provides a MATLAB code for the McFxLMS algorithm, which can be used for the arbitrary number of channels system.
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Multichannel filtered reference least mean square (McFxLMS) algorithms are widely utilized in adaptive multichannel active noise control (MCANC) applications. As a critical and high-computationally efficient adaptive critical algorithm, it also typically works as a benchmark for comparative studies of the new algorithms proposed by peers and researchers. However, up to now, there are few open-source codes for the FxLMS algorithm, especially for large-count channels. Therefore, this work provides a MATLAB code for the McFxLMS algorithm, which can be used for the arbitrary number of channels system.
This MATLAB program implements the simulation of a feedforward multichannel FxLMS ANC system, with the number of channels that can be specified arbitrarily by the user. The program contains three MATLAB files: Multichannel_FxLMS.m and Control_filter.m constitute the program of the McFxLMS algorithm, while Four_MCANC.m is the main program to test the McFxLMS algorithm. The testing data in the Path folder is avilable at the GitHub link.
Multichannel Filtered Reference Least Mean Square (McFxLMS) Algorithm
Figure 1: Block diagram of the McFxLMS algorithm with J reference microphones, K secondary sources, and M error microphones.
The target multichannel active noise control (MCANC) system is assumed to have J reference microphones, K secondary sources, and M error microphones. According to the gradient decent method, the kj th control filter is obtained from
where μ and denote the step size and the m-th error signal respectively. The filtered reference signal is given by
In the equation, represents the impulse response of the mk-th secondary path, and is the reference signal picked by the j-th reference microphone. This Matlab Code is used to implement the above algorithm.
Code Explanation
Key MATLAB Files
  • Four_MCANC.m: Main program for testing the McFxLMS algorithm.
  • Multichannel_FxLMS.m: The code of the multichannel filterd reference least mean sqaure (McFxLMS) algorithm.
  • Control_filter.m: The code of the control filter in the adaptive algorithm.
  • \path: The data folder that ontains the measured primary paths and secondary paths.
The explanation of Multichannel_FxLMS.m
Multichannel_FxLMS.m realizes the McFxLMS algorithm with arbitrary channels. It has following functions:
  • Multichannel_FxLMS(): Initialization functions for setting system properties.
  • FxLMS_cannceller(): Functions for generating anti-noise signals and updating filter coefficients.
  • Get_coefficients(): Methods for retrieving control filter coefficients.
Testing and Simulation
  • Four_MCANC.m provides an example of using the code of the McFxLMS algorithm.
  • Instructions for setting up primary and secondary paths, generating reference and disturbance signals.
  • The following code segment shows a simple example of the usage of the McFxLMS code.
%% Multichannel FxLMS algorithm
%---Wc [Filter length x Control unit/ microphone x Reference microphone number]
%---Sec[Filter length x Error number x Speaker number]
a = Multichannel_FxLMS(Wc,Sec,muW);
%---Red is referernce [Reference microphone number x signal length]
%---Dir is Disturabnce [Error microphone number x signal length]
[E,a]= a.FxLMS_cannceller(Red,Dir);
Figure 2. The error signals at the four error microphones.
Figure 2 shows the error signal picked up by the error microphones, which demonstrates the convergence of the McFxLMS algorithm.
The guide provides a detailed overview of creating and using a MATLAB program for active noise control using the McFxLMS algorithm.

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